Our program to help control the cat population by Trap, Neuter, Return has taken us to many places - Farms, grave yards, alleys and many not so nice places. Through dedication of time, money and much effort we are making a difference in the lives of these stray and feral cats/kittens and in the lives of the people who are warmed by their companionship. Here are some of our stories.

During our volunteer work, We've had many experiences as you can imagine. We've spent many hours, many miles and some car repairs to get it all accomplished each month. Our group has given up family time and missed celebrations to make it all work. We've driven 4+ hours at a time round trip to Ohio to spay/neuter clinics. We've traveled many muddy roads and driven in horrific snow and rain storms, sometimes after getting all the cats together in these conditions also. Helping others though is what we are all about. We appreciate any time you might want to share with us to help make our efforts continue to make a difference.

January 2023 - We were asked to help an elderly couple that had a cat problem. We went to trap 12-15 and ended up with trapping 23. Then 2 more showed up after we had all the other cats was at clinic. Some cats had medical issues and our vet bill this time was quite large. Donations for things like this are always needed.  Photos of getting them ready and then to the clinics.


We got to Congratulate Cecelia Harmon for becoming a new Veterinarian in New Bethlehem. She volunteered with us at prior clinics to learn more about Low cost Spay/Neuter projects before she headed to vet school.

Tina Unger, Dr Cecelia Harmon, Jean Gilmore


July 2023 - Lucky Cats had our table setup at Petsmart for the National Adoption Week. We had lots of info to view and a few kitties available then for adoption. A wonderful event!




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