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Lucky Cats Get ’N Fixed
is a nonprofit 501©3 organization that offers low cost spay/neuter clinics for cats in the New Bethlehem, Clarion and surrounding areas. At these clinics, we do TNR (trap, neuter, return) feral cats to help stop the over population of unwanted animals.  Our vet bills for doing this TNR add up very quickly. By supporting our organization you are helping us reach out to more people to help control the over-population problem in their area.

Why we do this: There are so many feral cats in the surrounding areas needing help. These cats have been neglected and left alone to starve, suffer sickness and injury, and to be maimed and/or killed by other animals. Many have been cast aside by owners who didn’t want them anymore. Sometimes it was because the owners just didn’t want to take care of them any longer, or pay the vet bill to have them spayed or neutered, or just didn’t have the money to feed them. So the cats were left to fend for themselves, being displaced from one overpopulated area to another. Cats can become pregnant as early as 6 months old, so there are babies having babies out there and alone. Producing two litters a year brings on the population explosion through no fault of their own. With caring people and volunteers many cats have been trapped, spayed/neutered, received medical attention, gotten food, and some have been re-homed and adopted. We call these ”The Lucky Cats”.

How we got our name: Tina Unger and Jean Gilmore have many years of experience volunteering at low cost spay and neuter clinics and doing TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) for feral cats. In 2021, they decided to combine their passion for helping cats and joined together to open a nonprofit group. Tina and Jean were trying to come up with a name for the new nonprofit they were forming. Tina’s love for animals had started as a child. Tina’s dad would joke about her “cat problem”, referring to Tina always bringing a new stray cat home. Tina and her father were always lucky and able to find 4-leaf clovers without looking too hard. While Tina was letting dogs run at her late Dads property, she began looking for 4-leaf clovers and found 15 in less than a half hour. She knew this was a sign from her Dad to incorporate this into the group’s name. The name also represents the heritage symbol of the town Tina was raised in, Sligo, PA, whose symbol is a shamrock. Thus they came up with the name, LUCKY CATS GET ’N FIXED. The cats and kittens they help are lucky to be getting fixed and we are helping to stop their over-population. 

Our organization runs completely on volunteered time, energy, and resources. If it were not for local businesses and citizens, we could not do what we do. Our sole purpose and goals are to continually help neighborhoods and areas, like yours, that have been overpopulated by feral cats. Sadly, this has become a terrible situation not just the animals but for the residents also. We have programs such as veterinary services to help with safe capture, illnesses, spaying/neutering, fostering and adoption. With your generous help, we have and will continue to make a difference

Lucky Cats Mission: Our mission is to trap, neuter, and return the feral cats and to help educate the public on how they can help to control the cat over-population.

Our founders:  Tina Unger and Jean Gilmore, New Bethlehem, PA

Contact us:  luckycatsgetnfixed@gmail.com  -  Like, follow and share us on Facebook




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Contact Us:  luckycatsgetnfixed@gmail.com

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